Do Well By Doing Good.
Fast Track System To Help You Launch & Grow A Profitable Nonprofit Corporation.
 Purpose Into Profits System
  • How To Establish A Nonprofit Corporation From A to Z.
  • How To Access Billions Of Dollars Annually To Fund Your Nonprofit From Day One.
  • How Nonprofits Can Receive Cash, Goods, Services Even Real Estate...FREE!
  • How To Pay Yourself Well While You Help Others In Your Community (Do Well By Doing Good).
  • How To Live Your Passion Every Day!!!
Nonprofit Blueprint
Get Sherry's 30+ years of experience launching Nonprofits in one complete system!
15+ Hours Of Training
Get over 15 hours of step by step video training broken up into easy to follow modules.
1-on-1 Consulting Call
Receive a personalized game plan from  one of Sherry's "Purpose Consultants" plus they will answer any questions you may have.
100% Guarantee
We are so confident you are going to love our system that we are giving a no questions asked 90 days money back guarantee 
Live Your Purpose. Get Started Today.
I’m inviting you to use this incredible Nonprofit industry opportunity to make your pivot into a whole new life for yourself and your loved ones. With my help and the help of my entire world-class team I’ve taken everything I have learned over a 30+ year career and put it together in one package for you. It took me years – decades really – to accumulate the knowledge, experience and wisdom that I’ve put together for you so that YOU can do what I did in a fraction of the time and a tiny fraction of the cost.

What I have for you can help you to secure your future, create a legacy, provide opportunity for your family members, find meaning and re-connect to your passion for life. I invite you to join the $400 billion Nonprofit community by launching & growing your own Nonprofit NOW. Here’s how I can help you do just that:
Here's What You Are About To Receive
Step 1: Nonprofit Creation
  • Part I: Creating Your Roadmap
  • Part II: Successful Nonprofit Mindset
  • Part III: Empowering Your Passion
  • Part IV: Launch & Grow Your Nonprofit
  • Part V: Step-By-Step Nonprofit Corporation Strategy
  • Part VI: Selecting Board Of Directors, Forming Your Power Team
  • Part VII: Draft Your By-Laws
  • Part VIII: Applying For Tax Exempt Status
Step 2: Fundable Plan
  • Part I: The Four Pillars Of A Successful & Sustainable Nonprofit
  • Part II: Connecting Your Plan To Multiple Funding Opportunities 
Step 3: Marketing Outreach
  • Part I: Identifying Your Core Values
  • Part II: Developing A Compelling Message
  • Part III: Creating An Online Presence
Step 4: Connecting To Funding
  • Part I: Awaking The Leader In You
  • Part II: Getting Backstage Passes With People In Seats Of Power
  • Part III: Connecting To Multiple Funding Sources
Step 5: Multiple Streams of Funding
  • Part I: Award Winning Grant Strategies
  • Part II: Grant Submission Strategies
  • Part III: Accessing Multiple Streams Of Funding
Step 6: Implementation and Growth Strategies
  • Part I: Partnering Your Nonprofit With A For-Profit
  • Part II: Successful Student Panel
  • Part I: Charitable Giving Of Real Estate
  • Part II: Turning Real Estate Donations Into Revenue
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Bonus #1: Purpose Into Profits Live Three Day Training

FREE attendance for you and your guest at my 3 day, hands on, full immersion, live training with me and my expert team!

Bonus #2: 1-on-1 Consulting Call With Sherry's Team

Get a personalized game plan from one of Sherry's "Purpose Consultants" who will help you get on the fast track to success and answer any questions you may have.
Here's What Some Of Our Students Had To Say
Teva Perrizo
San Diego, CA
"Sherry's program taught me how to get paid to help people in foreclosure. I now make $14,000 a month in my Nonprofit to keep individuals and families in their homes! I feel fantastic about the people I am able to help."
Margaret Merrill
Scottsdale, Arizona
"Sherry Watson's program has been the most powerful business investment I have ever made."
Sharon Schuette
Lakeland, FL
"Thank you so much Sherry. Your program has changed my life!"
I hope by now you’re really excited about pivoting into a whole new world that’s just waiting for you. You can take the first steps toward a better future right now, with an expert guide to help you get off to a strong start.You’ve got access to a roadmap created by people who have been building Nonprofits for over twenty-five years. 

You can get started TODAY and have your Nonprofit set-up in just a few days! People have paid as much as $4,000 to attend our live trainings – and that’s not counting airfare, hotel and other expenses. But with our all-new Purpose Into Profits System you can get all the benefits of attending one of our live events, plus all the bonus material – right NOW – for less than $300. If you’re ready to make the pivot right now click the button below.
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