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Anyone wanting to live a more meaningful, purpose-driven life whilesecuring
a brightfuture for themselves, their families and their communities...
From: Sherry Watson
Re: The Power of Purpose Nonprofit Startup Guide

Dear Friend,

If you've been searching for a way to bring passion, fun, purpose and abundance into your life this could be the message you've been waiting for.

I'm going to share a secret with you – its an open secret but one most people still never hear – about one of the best remaining ways to secure your future financially and leave a legacy that could shape the world for generations after you're gone.

If you've been thinking about your own future, especially how you'll thrive after retirement, consider that according to MSN Money 80% of pension plans are under-funded – a combined shortfall of nearly $750 billion dollars!
Can you really count on your pension to secure your retirement?
If you're wondering whether your children or grandchildren will be able to build a life as stable and secure as you may have created, consider that today's college graduates will likely earn less money over the next 10-15 years than was projected before the recession of 2009 according to the Economic Policy Institute. And they'll likely be saddled with unprecedented levels of student loan debt.
A college degree simply doesn't guarantee a good life like it used to.
Maybe you've heard about the JOBS Act and the changes in federal law that will enable average folks like you and me to invest in America's small businesses through crowdfunding, direct public offerings and revenue-sharing. Yes, you'll soon be able to do these things, but to date nobody has published any research showing that this will enable a higher percentage of small businesses to succeed. In all likelihood most will still fail in the first 2-3 years because that's how it has always been in our highly competitive business culture.
Do you want to stake your future and your family's future on playing the market – even with this newly expanded investment market?
The fact is our country is still reeling from the massive losses of the 2009 recession. It was a disaster and its effects will continue to wreak havoc for years to come.

You have little or no control over underfunded pension plans, rising health care costs, the decline in the security of public benefits, the loss in value of a college education and the rising debt associated with a degree. There isn't much you can do about stagnant or unstable real estate value, trade deficits and national currency issues, bankrupt states and cities or rising energy and food costs.
Yet these things affect your life every day. They'll affect your children and grandchildren's lives for years to come.
Let's recap:

In 2008 we were in a boom economy, driven by gains in real estate value, new job creation, expanding efficiencies from technology, a strong currency and increasing exports. Banks were lending. Businesses were growing. Retirement plans were growing from investments. Companies were hiring, growing, making profits and going public.

After the terrible events of 9-11 and the years of dreary wars overseas it felt like our country had turned the corner and a new period of growth and prosperity was before us.

There was just one problem: It was built on a house of cards. And the house fell.
Since the fall what has happened:
  • Our real estate (if we haven't lost it completely) hasn't regained its prior value
  • Our pension funds have lost half their value
  • Our cities and states are in financial messes or have already gone bankrupt
  • Our economy and its largest businesses aren't creating jobs like they used to
  • Our wages are flat but our health, food and energy costs keep rising
  • Our families, friends and neighbors have lost jobs, homes and savings
  • Our sense of purpose and security as a nation have crumbled
It has been a rough ride – as rough as our country has ever experienced – larger and more damaging than even the Great Depression we learned about in school.
Devastation and malaise is everywhere around us. It gnaws at us and makes us wonder: Is there a safe harbor anywhere on this crazy planet?
The truthful answer is that there aren't many safe harbors today for any of us.

But through all of the turmoil one sector of our economy has not only survived but has thrived. And it's that sector – that safe harbor in the storm – that I invite you to explore with me now.

When people are in need, what sector is needed most?

When disaster comes, what sector comes to the rescue?

When needs go unmet, what sector fills in the gaps?

When government can't solve a problem, what sector comes with solutions?

When the nation or the world calls, what sector answers again and again?
The Nonprofit Sector!
Let me share a few amazing facts with you that you probably didn't know:
  • There are more than 3 million public charities in the U.S.
  • They received more than $400 Billion dollars in 2013
  • Charitable giving in 2013 was up 13% over 2012
Our economy grew about 2% in 2013 – not a great year – yet charitable giving rose 13%. Why? Americans are a generous people. We give till it hurts as the old saying goes.

But there's more to it that that. The nonprofit sector is rapidly becoming more like the for-profit sector in one very important way . . .
Nonprofits are starting to be run like businesses. Large donors are demanding it. The public is demanding it – and that's good news for YOU!
Here's why . . .

A good business provides a quality product or service, sells it at a fair price, creates jobs and fair wages and returns a profit to its investors. A good nonprofit does the same thing – just like a for-profit business a good nonprofit delivers a quality product or service, provides it at a fair price or cost, creates jobs and pays fair wages and returns investment through societal impact.

But there are important differences that you need to know about!
  • Nonprofits don't generally pay taxes on the income they generate
  • Nonprofits can receive cash, goods, services – even real estate – FREE
  • Nonprofits can fund program/product/service development with grants and donations that never have to be repaid
  • Nonprofits can get free publicity, media coverage and sponsorships
  • Nonprofits can attract free support from celebrities, athletes and public figures
  • Nonprofits can generate exceptional value from volunteers at little or no cost
At the same time nonprofit entrepreneurs enjoy some of the same benefits that for-profit entrepreneurs enjoy, including:
  • Executives can draw great pay and receive benefits
  • Legitimate out-of-pocket expenses can be deducted by the founders
  • Investments, joint ventures and contracts can be leveraged to generate growth
  • Products and services can be developed and sold to generate income
  • Founders are protected from personal liability just like any other corporation
Earlier I said that nonprofits are beginning to operate more like for-profits and that this was good news for you. It's good news for you because as nonprofits increasingly operate like true businesses the public is supporting them like never before.

And there is another good reason. All this fuss and hubbub about crowdfunding is real. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being donated online these days. Donors are so much easier to reach and inspire today! Our culture is shifting more and more towards bartering, sharing and contributing to things we find useful, interesting or enriching. Your reach to all that public good will and donation is wider than ever before.

Crowdfunding yielded more than $5 billion in 2013, with about 30 percent of that going towards nonprofits and social causes.

-- Nonprofit Times, March 14, 2014
So what does all of this have to do with YOU specifically?

If you'd like to secure your future, create a legacy, provide opportunity for your family members, find meaning and re-connect to your passion for life I invite you to join the $400 billion nonprofit community by starting your own nonprofit corporation NOW.

Is it easy to create a thriving nonprofit corporation?

No. But it's easier in many ways than making a for-profit company work.

Do you need to be a business expert?

No. When I started by first nonprofit corporation I had no business experience at all, yet I grew it to over $7 million dollars.

Can you get rich with a nonprofit?

Yes. You can enrich your life by enriching the lives of others. You can pay yourself a great salary. You can provide benefits to yourself and others. You can secure your future by creating a living legacy that continues to be supported by grants from governments, foundations, corporations and people just like yourself. You can sustain your thriving business with real estate donations, gifts, services contracts and sales of products to the public. You can generate tremendous good will and be known as a pillar of your community. If that's not rich I don't know what is!

Can you see how starting and growing a nonprofit corporation could be your BEST ticket to a better future for yourself, your family and your community?

If you can, then let me make it even easier for you . . .

What if you could take the first steps toward that better future right now, with an expert guide to help you get off to a strong start?

What if you had a roadmap created by people who have been building nonprofits for twenty-five years?

What if you could get started TODAY and have your nonprofit set-up in just a few days?

And what if you could do all that – right NOW – for $7?
You may be thinking "how valuable could a $7 dollar guide be?"

You may be thinking "what's the catch?"

Let me answer both of these questions, just in case you're wondering . . .

Our Nonprofit Startup Guide is not going to take you from where you are today into a thriving nonprofit corporation, in a few days, all by itself. Let's be clear about that. The Guide will clearly show you the steps you'll need to take to get started. It will give you a roadmap. It will shorten the time it takes to get a nonprofit corporation organized and set up in your state and it will show you how to set up the foundation, structure and systems needed to begin to generate financial and other support.

You'll learn:
  • How to file in your state to set up a nonprofit corporation
  • How to define your charitable purpose in a way that let's you grow broadly
  • How to begin raising money for your nonprofit and its mission
  • How to create a compelling story about your mission and purposes
  • How to establish a powerful and supportive board of directors
  • How to attract donated real estate and how to use it to grow your nonprofit
  • How to get IRS approval FAST using a little known, highly-effective process
It's a $7 Guide, but it unlocks the door to a $400 billion industry that has plenty of room for you and your passion, vision, dreams and desire for a better future.
Now, what's the catch?
The catch is I'm launching a new organization called The Power of Purpose and its goal is to light this country up from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California, from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida and all points between!
We're out to help launch 10,000 new nonprofit corporations and I'm inviting you to be part of that.
Why are we doing that?

We're doing that because never before has our country needed to galvanize the power of our people to solve the challenges that the best efforts of our corporate and government leaders haven't been able to solve.

We're doing that because the public is supporting nonprofits like never before – we're being called forth as an industry, as a movement, to get this country back on track and that call is coming with unprecedented support.

We're doing that because our cities are literally falling apart. There are 80,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit, 40,000 abandoned homes in Baltimore, 65,000 veterans sleeping on our streets, millions of people under-employed, foreclosed upon and sinking.
People, families and entire communities are being threatened from all sides and SOMEONE has to do something about it!
Why shouldn't that be us – you and me and ten thousand other concerned, talented, passionate and caring people?

Look around . . . governments are in a stalemate, corporations are downsizing, banks have stopped lending, schools are overcrowded and in decline, unemployment is painfully high, real estate values are stagnant.

Think about how much time you have left on this Earth. Maybe you have 5 years, or 10 or even 20 or 30. How do you want to spend that time? Do you want to spend it surviving or do you want to spend it thriving and leaving a legacy?

Imagine that decades from now when historians look back at this time they'll say "at the 11th hour thousands of ordinary people came together, from all parts of the country, from all backgrounds, races, ages and political views, united only in their passionate desire to forge a righter future for themselves, their families, their communities and the nation."

Imagine being a part of THAT movement – a movement that didn't tear anyone or anything down, but built things up; a movement that wasn't orchestrated by the 1% but was fueled by the other 99%; a movement that inspired a nation to heal itself and re-connect to the self-reliance, strength, high values and deep faith that once sustained it.

You may be thinking "that sounds great but who am I to do these great things?

You may be thinking "who are YOU to lead a movement that you want ME to join?"

You may be thinking "why do anything? The problems are too great."

I asked myself that question a hundred times while lying in a hospital bed for months. Why bother? I built the life I wanted and then . . . in an instant it was gone.

I'd had a terrible accident.

I had been in a coma for weeks. I was paralyzed. I had a severe brain injury. I was not expected to recover. That's why I was asking the question "why bother?"

Then my Pastor challenged me to something greater. He challenged me to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop thinking about the life I'd lost and start finding a higher calling – a new life that would fulfill and sustain me.

When I answered that higher calling 30 years ago I had absolutely no idea what to do. I was lying paralyzed in a bed, learning to do the simplest tasks like talk, move my arm or swallow a glass of water. I didn't wake up one day and think "I'm going to lead a movement to pass federal law to protect the rights of millions of people."

But I did. Me and a few other people united by our common passion for all people with disabilities forged a movement. We declared a purpose – equality under the law for all people with disabilities. We formed a small coalition. We asked for help and support from anyone we could. We researched the issues. We developed a new approach for housing and caring for people with severe and chronic conditions. We proved it was more cost-effective and provided equal rights to people long denied them. We took it to the top of our state government and, in that 11th hour, when defeat seemed sure, the media, concerned citizens, individuals and groups all around our state rose up and supported us.
We overcame tremendous odds and we won.That's what Americans do!
But we weren't done yet. We won the battle in one state but the whole nation lay before us. The success we'd found at home created awareness nationally and soon I was flying to Washington, DC to join and help build a national coalition. I had no idea what to do but I learned that momentum –remember that word –momentum could carry me past all my personal limitations and empower me to contribute to something that could –and did—change the world for millions of people. I remember sitting on the White House Lawn watching President Bush sign the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. It was a day of celebration but at the same time a part of me wondered "now what?" But soon I was involved with dozens of groups working local, regionally and nationally defining policy under the new law and finding the funds to build brain injury centers across the country. It wasn't long before I was called home to New Mexico and led one of the largest non-profit corporations in the state.

Today, with my entire wonderful team we travel the country bringing a simple but really important message. I believe that if you've read this far that this message is for you, right now, right here, today.

And that message is . . .
The World needs you.You're so needed!
Look around. What do you see in the world, in your country, in your state, in your city and right in your own back yard?

We live on an almost unimaginably abundant planet, a beautiful blue and green light in the vast darkness of space. Here, on our home, there is such potential, such rich possibility, so many people who want to do what's right, want to serve what's best for all, want to see a world where everyone is valued.

And the best thing is that NOTHING is stopping us except . . .

"Why bother?"

If there is a devil, "why bother?" is his biggest weapon.

I'll tell you why you should bother . . .

Are you ready?

Because when you bother, when you answer the higher calling for your life, when you say "yes" to the call to adventure, to the Hero's Journey, your life moves from mundane to magical.
Wouldn't you rather live a magical life
than a mundane life?
Of course you would!

So here is what I'd like to say to each person who has read this message. I'm not one for big speeches but I like to speak from my heart if you'll indulge me.

I want to live in a world where you are answering your highest calling and living your passions. When we're all doing that the world itself becomes a magical place. Magic doesn't have to be something we think of as childish or as something from the mystical past. Magic is right here, right now, when our lives are lived with passion and purpose, joining together to lift one another ever higher.

Some of you have achieved amazing wealth; some have raised wonderful families; some have toiled in obscurity while lifting and supporting others. Some of you have helped build companies whose products make our lives better. Some of you have supported a spouse or children to live their dreams.

You've all led immeasurably valuable lives. I hope you know that.

But still you sense that call . . .

I've led a movement, built a multi-million dollar nonprofit corporation, raised an amazing and talented family and launched my own business. I said "yes" once many years ago and it has given me a life of love, service and achievement that was never imagined in all my youthful dreams.

I invite you to do that for your own life today.

If you're ready to join a movement that will reshape, revitalize and renew our nation then start TODAY with our powerful Nonprofit Startup Guide.

Claim Your Copy of the "Nonprofit Startup Guide" Right Now

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When I was laying in that hospital bed saying "why bother?" to myself I got a wake-up call to a life bigger, more meaningful and full of love, passion and success than I could have ever imagined.

I said "YES" all those years ago and I shudder to think of how my own life and the lives of millions of others with disabilities might have turned out if I had said "why bother?"

Whose life will YOU change for the better? What person living in poverty or hopelessness will your life touch? What movement will you launch that impacts thousands of people? What dream will you unleash that will lift entire communities out of despair and hopelessness?

Say no and you'll never know.

Say YES and see your life unfold in magical and deeply meaningful ways.

Nonprofit Startup Guide could be the difference between two very different futures for yourself, your family, your community and the world.

To Living Your Purpose,
Sherry Watson

P.S. Remember, there is more real actionable information in the Nonprofit Startup Guide than you'll get reading a dozen books; the systems inside the report have worked for other people just like you, and it's 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose money. It's a no brainer.
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